Thank you for visiting us at AXPONA 2018 at the Renaisance Convention Center. EnKlein cables connected and powered THRAX gear driven by a C.E.C redbook CD transport. Power conditioning was provided by the HiFi1/SMc Nexus AC Power Enhancer. Holding all the equipment was a Stillpoints ESS Rack. Room treatment was provided by Stillpoints Aperatures.

Also featured in another room was one of EnKleins dealers Dr. Vinyl. Jose was using EnKlein cables to power and connect his gear.

RMAF 2017

Thank you for joining us for RMAF 2017 in Denver, CO. System included a suite of THRAX electronics and speakers, cabled and powered by EnKlein’s Zephyr Interconnects, Power Cords, and Speaker Cables. Making their US debut were the THRAX Ares and Enyo; modular amplifiers combining a multi-bit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network Player, a Phono Preamplifier.