The Amphora is constructed of pure fine silver conductors with silver RCA terminations. Optional Rhodium plated DIN termination with a Teflon body set within a nonmagnetic stainless steel housing are available. In a “Light Suspension” cable the possibility of creating vibration is reduced by an optional thin litz tail to the DIN connectors.

The “Stiletto” construct is derived from the stage 2 assembly used in the Zephyr and Prairie Fire interconnects. The thin film shield and sacrificial ground of 99.999% oxygen free copper configuration creates a passive damper for extremely low capacitance and reactance, targeting the preservation of signals from a broad range of cartridges including extremely low output cartridges. The Stiletto design was demonstrated at CES 2012 to the delight of many, with a 0.2 mV cartridge.

The accessories kit contains detachable grounds to support true mono block phono stages. When a ground is not needed, removing the ground lead reduces clutter.
The Amphora exhibits a low noise floor revealing intimate full range detail, concise decay, controlled lower octaves and like all EnKlein cables; pace, dynamics, imaging, and natural tonality.