David Cables

Interconnect Speaker Power USB

The David Series of Cables is our top of the line, flagship cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. David Cables incorporate EnKlein’s pioneering concepts in shielding design and cable topologies. EnKlein’s proprietary EMISS and Forward Feed Shielding work in concert protecting your precious music signal. The bodies of David Interconnect, Speaker, and USB Cables are constructed with our proprietary “Uni-Tube” sealed air tubes to maintain an atmospheric balance not affected by changes in barometric pressure or humidity.

The effects just may astound you; as the realism of studio and live programming content is increased, and subtle details, previously hidden, are revealed. The result is a cable with the renowned top to bottom balance EnKlein is renowned for; with a timbre and sense of spatial balance never before heard. The naturalness of the beguiling sound will immerse you in the emotion of the musical content.

Forward Feed Shielding

Forward Feed Shielding reduces or eliminates electromagnetic interference (EMI) by dissipating shield energy collected by the shielding network through a proprietary shield energy dissipation controller. By using a forward feeding shield energy dissipation design, EMI, distortion, and signal variations are dissipated to ground by a method which does not influence the signal.

Electromagnetic Interpolation Shielding System (EMISS)

Electromagnetic Interpolation Shielding System (EMISS) is a revolutionary shielding development, which further enhances our approach to high tech shielding. The EMISS concept is a 4 part shield topology using; “Super Metals” alloys of Cobalt and Nickel, aluminum, copper, and steel. EMISS protects the signal from outside EMI and reduces EMI generated by the cable itself. Eliminating or reducing the electromagnetic influence between cables reduces the noise floor introduced by the cables of an audio system. Each layer is specifically designed for each cable type to perform a specific task, and when added together creates an extremely effective electromagnetic barrier.


Air is our primary dielectric. The air tubes we utilize are comprised of polyethylene tubing; which complies with 21CFR177.1520 – Olefin polymer, hospital grade polyethylene. In our cable design the capacitance of the cable is controlled by the tube size, and electrical break down voltage is determined by the polyethylene tube. This combination minimizes capacitance and inductance, key contributors to distortion. The air tubes are arranged in topological configurations specifically designed to reduce mechanical resonance, and have high electromagnetic interference (EMI) rejection properties. The craftsman seals the ends of the tubes using our proprietary method which creates a “Uni-Tube”, reducing the interaction between conductors and the environment. This simply means the signal traveling through our conductors are shielded from external, internal environmental influences and self-imposed phase distortion found in most cabling. The result is a balance from low to high frequencies and no artificially induced distortion to the audio signal.

Reviews & Awards:

Key Kim, Stereo Times

“I haven’t heard every cable… but, I can say the EnKlein David cables are the best cables I’ve ever heard. They produced magic every time…” Read the review here.

Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback

“Perhaps the highest compliment I can grant to Enklein’s David Power Cord is it transmits just what the microphone recorded.” Read the review here.

Paul Messenger, HiFi Critic

“It sets the bar significantly higher than this reviewer had previously encountered, so an Audio Excellence rating is clearly indicated.” Read the review here.

David Interconnect


  • 20 AWG Silver signal conductors
  • 18 AWG Copper ground conductors
  • All conductors sealed inside EnKlein’s Uni-Tube construct

RCA: WBT-0102 Ag

  • EMISS incorporated into outer clamping sleeve.
  • One-piece signal conductor made of fine silver for ultimate connectivity
  • An optional ground wire from the shield is availabe upon request for use in phono applications.

XLR: Bocchino BAXLR

  • Delrin body with EnKlein’s EMISS added
  • Pins manufactured from Pure Copper (99.998%) and electroplated with Pure silver >11 microns

David Speaker Cable


  • 99.99% pure silver and high quality copper conductors of specifically tuned AWG in a proprietary topology contained in EnKlein’s Uni-Tube architecture
  • Triple the amount of 99.99% pure silver conductors as the Zephyr Series

Termination: WBT-0610 Ag (banana) / WBT-0661 Ag (spade)

  • Signal conductor made of pure silver
  • Elastomer oscillation damper for superb vibration damping and fracture resistance
  • Seperate cables for positive and negative connections

David Power Cord


  • Current carrying conductors: 37 strand silver plated copper in a 10 gauge bundle coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Ground conductor: multistranded 12 AWG high quality copper coated with PTFE
  • Termination: Furutech FI-28 (R)

  • Modified to incorporate EMISS
  • α (Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors
  • Nylon/fiberglass body incorporating carbon particles that absorb vibration and resonance
  • 15 and 20 amp IEC connections are available for your equipment termination
  • Mains connections available include : US, SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK

David USB

  • Vibration Dampening built into each conductor
  • Industry first solid 20 AWG 99.99% pure silver signal conductors formed into signal pins.
  • Solid 20 AWG copper power conductors
  • EMISS integrated into connectors
  • Twisted pair topoplogy