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21st Century Electronic Noise Pollution

The 21st century has brought consumer products to a new level; gone are the days of constructing large towers.  Today, we obscure our network access points for a false sense of security.  We created a massive addition to our everyday vocabulary: Bluetooth, RFID, 5G, IOT, wifi, and mesh networks. They enhance our quality of life and increase sources of interference.  

Many everyday items are susceptible to these electromagnetic fields. For example, electronic circuit boards, power cords, and cabling are not just emitters. They are receiving antennas.  Our human bodies and objects can absorb wireless transmissions. This is called SAR or Specific Absorption Rate.  It calculates our daily radiation exposure limits, a discussion for another day.   

Conservation of energy states that total energy in a closed system remains constant.  However, when it was discovered there was a relationship to mass (E= MC2), understanding of the properties in the electrical world changed.  Energy can be transformed, absorbed, or reflected. 

For our music systems that use electricity to amplify sound, the environmental noise we create daily is detrimental to the system's fidelity.  We coexist in a saturated electromagnetic environment that adds noise and digital hash.

It may be easier to relate to noise pollution in the visible spectrum. For example, a century ago, you could see significantly more stars at night than is possible with the naked eye today.  We place observatories far from civilization and now in space to glimpse what is beyond our world.  Why, well, our lights create visual spectrum noise, which operates at a specific frequency band (visual light) and is made by the lowest bidder. The majority of light sources also emit RF noise.

Consumers are generally oblivious to the millions of miles of transmission lines and billions of devices that negatively impact our music system.

EnKlein acknowledges the modern noise challenges generated by the communication and digital revolution. We aim to eliminate this new environmental distortion from our stereo and entertainment systems.

high density noise from Commercial radios and mobile phone towers
localized noise from hand held devices

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