T.H.E. Show Newport 2015

May 29 – May 31 2015

Thank you for joining us at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015 in Irvine, CA. Pictures and awards from the show are below.

AVShowrooms awarded the EnKlein/Goldmund room their Gold Show award – Best Sound!

Goldman room 1208 powered by EnKlein.

Hi Fi One / Stillpoints System Suite 1406

Berning / Hi Fi One 211/845 OTL amps $75,000 pr.
Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers $65,000 pr.
EnKlein David balanced interconnect $16,000 mtr.
EnKlein David USB cable 1.50 mtr pricing TBD
EnKlein David AC cable 5 ft. $8,000
EnKlein 8 foot speaker cable $28,875 pr.
Entreq Silver Tellus $2,699
Entreq Eartha Atlantis RCA $1,639
Entreq Eartha Apollo RCA $849
Stillpoints ESS Grid Rack with Ultra 6’s $25,172
Stillpoints ESS Low Profile Rack $8,295 – world debut
Stillpoints Ultra 6’s $899 ea.
Stillpoints Ultra 5’s $699 ea.
Stillpoints Aperture room treatments $650 ea.
Sonorus ATR 10 tape machine $17,500
Sonorus / Hi Fi One Proximity room compensation system $12,000
SMc Audio / Hi Fi One Silver Signature edition line stage $50,000 – world debut
SMc Audio / Hi Fi One Nexus AC Power Enhancer $16,000 – world debut
Wadax PRE 1 Ultimate Native DSD DAC with ZEPTO clock, phono, A/D, and SSD server – $72,670 US debut

Thrax equipment powered and connected by EnKlein David ensemble of cables in Suite E.


Perfect 8, Ypsilon connected and powered by EnKlein in Saddleback C and Room 244.