RMAF 2017

Thank you for joining us for RMAF 2017 in Denver, CO. System included a suite of THRAX electronics and speakers, cabled and powered by EnKlein’s Zephyr Interconnects, Power Cords, and Speaker Cables. Making their US debut were the THRAX Ares and Enyo; modular amplifiers combining a multi-bit DAC, an Upsampler, a Network Player, a Phono Preamplifier.

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

Thank you for joining us in Irvine,CA for T.H.E. Show Newport 2016.

The system included speakers and electronics from Thrax with the North American debut of the Bassus bass cabinets. Also included was the Audio Union Helix 1 fitted with a Schroder LT tonearm. All equipment was connected and powered with a full loom of EnKlein David cables.



Thank you for joining us in Chicago, IL for AXPONA 2016.

Equipment in the room included Thrax electronics cabled with a full loom of EnKlein David cabling. Also featured was the Audio Union Dohman Helix 1 turntable. Room treatments and mechanical isolation were provided by StillPoints.

AVShowrooms awarded the EnKlein/Audio Union room their Gold Show award – Best Sound!

T.H.E. Show Newport 2015

May 29 – May 31 2015

Thank you for joining us at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015 in Irvine, CA. Pictures and awards from the show are below.

AVShowrooms awarded the EnKlein/Goldmund room their Gold Show award – Best Sound!

Goldman room 1208 powered by EnKlein.

Hi Fi One / Stillpoints System Suite 1406

Berning / Hi Fi One 211/845 OTL amps $75,000 pr.
Kaiser Kawero Classic speakers $65,000 pr.
EnKlein David balanced interconnect $16,000 mtr.
EnKlein David USB cable 1.50 mtr pricing TBD
EnKlein David AC cable 5 ft. $8,000
EnKlein 8 foot speaker cable $28,875 pr.
Entreq Silver Tellus $2,699
Entreq Eartha Atlantis RCA $1,639
Entreq Eartha Apollo RCA $849
Stillpoints ESS Grid Rack with Ultra 6’s $25,172
Stillpoints ESS Low Profile Rack $8,295 – world debut
Stillpoints Ultra 6’s $899 ea.
Stillpoints Ultra 5’s $699 ea.
Stillpoints Aperture room treatments $650 ea.
Sonorus ATR 10 tape machine $17,500
Sonorus / Hi Fi One Proximity room compensation system $12,000
SMc Audio / Hi Fi One Silver Signature edition line stage $50,000 – world debut
SMc Audio / Hi Fi One Nexus AC Power Enhancer $16,000 – world debut
Wadax PRE 1 Ultimate Native DSD DAC with ZEPTO clock, phono, A/D, and SSD server – $72,670 US debut

Thrax equipment powered and connected by EnKlein David ensemble of cables in Suite E.


Perfect 8, Ypsilon connected and powered by EnKlein in Saddleback C and Room 244.


Munich High-End 2015

May 17 2015

Thank you for joining us in Munich, Germany for High-End Munich 2015. Pictures from the show are below.

Chicago terminal, waiting for departure on flight to Munich.
Arrival at Munich International flight terminal.
New Doehmann turntable an Audio Union Project
Comments on the turntable by Micheal Fremer of Analog Planet.
New Thrax phonostage
Enklein David ensemble of cables connecting Thrax equipment.