David Series Cables

The David Series of Cables is our top of the line, flagship cable design; bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system.
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Zephyr II Series Cables

The Zephyr II Series of Cables is EnKlein’s entry level of cabling. EnKlein went back to it’s roots when designing the Zephyr II Series. The Zephyr II features many of the technologies pioneered by the David Series at a more affordable price.
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EnKlein / Hi Fi One Power Cable

  • Collaboration between EnKlein and Hi Fi One
  • Based on the David Power Cable
  • 10 AWG Silver Plated copper ground wire
  • Top of the line Furutech connectors

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Custom Cables

If you want to take your sound to the next level; but can’t find high quality cabling because you use equipment with uncommon cabling or connectors; EnKlein is here to help.
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EnKlein’s Award winning phono cable.
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