EnKlein / HiFi 1 Power Cord

The EnKlein / Hi Fi One Power Cord is a collaboration between EnKlein and our partners at Hi Fi One. Based upon EnKlein’s award winning “David” Power Cord; enhancements include the addition of a silver conductor within the Forward Feed Shielding system, and Furutech’s top of the line IEC and mains connectors. Furthermore, the standard 12 AWG copper ground wire is replaced with the same 37 strand silver plated copper in a 10 AWG bundle coated with a thick layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) used in the power conducting leads.

Available exclusively from Hi Fi One.

•α (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor
•Body incorporating Nano Crystal Formula(NCF) material
•15 and 20 amp IEC connections are available for your equipment termination•Mains connections available include : US, SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK