USD 4,200.00

Since CEC introduced world’s first Belt-Drive CD
Transport in 1991, a lot of music lovers have enjoyed
its rich musical reproduction, which CEC continues
to improve on. Digital output and headphone terminal have been added for the first time to a Belt-Drive
CD Player. This maximizes the most advanced DAC
technology developed by ESS, and the headphone
output enables direct listening without amplifier and
loudspeaker system.

With USB input connected to PC up to 32bit/384kHz
PCM and DSD128/5.6MHz high-resolution music
sources can be reproduced through the CD5. Here
the CD5 works as the high-resolution music reproduction device in addition to an independent D/A
converter for CD music. In addition signals through
ES9018K2M go through original full-balanced circuit
to achieve dynamic and musical reproduction of
music. The CD5 offers two different digital filters,
“FLAT”, a standard filer with super linear frequency
response to 20kHz, and “PULSE”, a ringing-free pulse-optimized filer with a softer roll-off below 20kHz.

A large VFD monitor indicates input status, condition
of digital filter, and the input sampling frequency.