USD 5,200.00

The new CEC DA 5 sits at the center of the audio listening stage weather you enjoy music via CD Transport, reproduce high resolution music source at its highest level of DSD 256 through PCs, try to adjust the sound volume by the digital volume control, or to just listen with your headphones.

The new CEC DA 5 provides music inspiration and impression by the ability to reproduce the highest resolution digital music source. Digital signals supplied by the CD transport are fully converted to analogue without any distortion.

As a high quality D/A converter, the CEC DA 5 works as the high precision USB-DAC compatible with PCM 384 kHz and DSD 256/11.2 MHz. A highly capable OP amplifier confirms easy listening through headphones even at high level and digital control volume adjustment enables to place CEC DA 5 as the center of your audio system.