TL 0 3.0

USD 30,800.00

In every respect the new TL 0 3.0 embodies a level
of perfection that is unprecedented and breathtaking. Handcrafted and assembled in Japan, each
TL 0 is rigorously tested after completion and then
“burned in” before being certified.

CEC is legendary for precision. Conventional CD
transports tend to amplify even the slightest vibration in the reflective surface of the disc due to the
distance the laser beam has to travel. These microvibrations scatter light and reduce the integrity of the
digital data stream. The TL 0 revolutionary three part
chassis suppresses micro-vibrations and resonances that cause unwanted jitter in the data stream.

The elimination of jitter greatly reduces the distortion that too often characterizes CDs as digital rather
than musical. CEC’s original Superlink connection
has been fitted for the first time in the TL0 series.The
servo PCB circuit has been redesigned to shorten
the signal pass and strengthen the grounding.

Pride, craftsmanship, and music reproduction on
compact disc have reached a new plateau with the
new CEC TL 0 3.0 CD Belt Drive Transport.