TL5 Transport

USD 3,800.00

Since the introduction of the worlds first Belt-Drive
CD Transport in the spring of 1991, CEC has continued to improve on it. The latest technology of BeltDrive Mechanism’s achieved in CD5 CD Player has
been refined in the latest Transport TL 5.

In order to read the signal recorded with Constant
Linear Velocity (CLV) on CD, rotation speed should
be slowed down as it goes to the outside.

In CEC TL 5 Belt-Drive the spindle motor is placed
independently from the center shaft and vibration
as well as electromagnetic noise effect to the CD
are thus minimized. A heavy CD stabilizer provides
bigger inertia of turntable and achieves a stable and
smooth rotation of discs. Smaller torque motor and
longer distance from the motor to the center shaft
(turntable) create the ideal fundamentals of music
reproduction. By placing the turntable shaft in the
center of the top loading open space the rubber belt
replacement is now done with ease on the TL 5.

New CEC TL 5 features multiple digital outputs; AES/
EBU, COAXIAL and TOSLINK. The shortest possible
signal pass and stability of signal quality have been
maintained by direct mounting of all terminals to the
single circuit board. Superior Fluorescent display
can be dimmed and even disconnected.