David Interconnect

Starting at USD 14,000.00

The David Series of Cables is our top of the line, flagship cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. David Cables incorporate EnKlein’s pioneering concepts in shielding design and cable topologies. EnKlein’s proprietary EMISS and Forward Feed Shielding work in concert protecting your precious music signal. The bodies of David Interconnects are constructed with our proprietary “Uni-Tube” sealed air tubes to maintain an atmospheric balance not affected by changes in barometric pressure or humidity.


  • 20 AWG Silver signal conductors
  • 18 AWG Copper ground conductors

RCA: WBT-0102 Ag

  • EMISS incorporated into outer clamping sleeve.
  • One-piece signal conductor made of fine silver for ultimate connectivity
  • An optional ground wire from the shield is availabe upon request for use in phono applications.

XLR: Bocchino BAXLR

  • Delrin body with EnKlein’s EMISS added
  • Pins manufactured from Pure Copper (99.998%) and electroplated with Pure silver >11 microns