David Power Cord

Starting at USD 7,750.00

The David Series of Cables is our top of the line, flagship cable design bringing the story of David and Goliath to life in your system. David Cables incorporate EnKlein’s pioneering concepts in shielding design and cable topologies. EnKlein’s proprietary EMISS and Forward Feed Shielding work in concert protecting your precious music signal.


  • Current carrying conductors: 37 strand silver plated copper in a 10 gauge bundle coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Ground conductor: multistranded 12 AWG high quality copper coated with PTFE
  • Termination: Furutech FI-28 (R)

  • Modified to incorporate EMISS
  • α (Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors
  • Nylon/fiberglass body incorporating carbon particles that absorb vibration and resonance
  • 15 and 20 amp IEC connections are available for your equipment termination
  • Mains connections available include : US, SCHUKO, AU/NZ, and UK