Achieving high-quality sound at home is no longer a distant dream in today's world of advanced technology. As an audiophile or music enthusiast, you understand that creating an engaging music experience requires a seamless connection between sources, amplification equipment, speakers, and room treatments. Power and transmission cabling are critical factors to achieve this audio balance.

EnKlein offers world-class cable technology that encapsulates Ohm's Law of Hearing. Engineering accurate sound transport without interference requires knowledge and attention to finite detail. Our small-batch manufacturing technique allows us to focus on performance and quality, ensuring your investment in audio equipment provides a truly immersive audio experience. 

Just Listen and experience the difference with EnKlein's audio cables.

Room Video Featuring:

  • Sound Lab Electrostats
  • HiFi One Berning 845
  • Enklein XerXes 
  • MA Recordings

Southwest Audio Fest 2024

The Audiophile Junkie, interviews EnKlein founder David Kleinbeck.

Bespoke Products

Have you ever heard the saying, "Cables are made by the mile and sold by the foot?" At EnKlein, we focus on quality and handcraft our cables in small-batch workflows. Our engineered technology determines the specific materials and geometry at each layer and interval for each cable type and series. Therefore, we fabricate everything by hand and layer with meticulous care to ensure our clients receive the best performance possible.

Here are a few technical notes to keep in mind:

- EnKlein's cabling is fabricated for electrical distance, not overall physical distance.

- Our engineering techniques resolve electrical transmission path characteristics, including impedance, capacitance, and reactance variance over frequency, characterized by physicists Heaviside and Lorentz.

- When current is applied, all conductive materials act as radiators. They also function as receive antennae in cable assemblies. EnKlein's expertise centers on controlling these physical realities to provide the best audiophile cables available.

At EnKlein, we value integrity, honesty, and forthright business practices. We base our prices on competitors' street prices and maintain consistent retail pricing worldwide with no discounts or transshipping allowed.

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Handcrafted in the USA

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