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XerXes Reference Cable

We are proud to present the Xerxes series, which is the culmination of three years of diligent engineering and design efforts, with a focus on Dr. Helmholtz's research on human auditory responses. While it is a well-known fact that no technology, including those offered by other companies, can retain 100 percent of the signal transmitted through a wire without some degree of loss, we are committed to preserving the most critical elements of the music that are essential for providing a detailed and immersive listening experience.

XerXes Reference Power Cable surprisingly flexible

"The fundamental sound is a given; however, our brain function distinguishes different instruments playing the same notes derived by tonal nuances created from low-level harmonics. This type of audio content is particularly vulnerable to degradation and loss during amplification and transmission. XerXes offers a solution to this problem."

"The Xerxes cable is designed to meet the highest laboratory-grade standards while delivering passionate dynamics and critical detail. Our purpose is to provide a nearly lossless superhighway for electron flow, resulting in superior signal retention. As a listener, you can expect a dynamic and engaging music replay in your stereo or multichannel system with the Xerxes cable."The Xerxes resolves critical detail with passionate dynamics while meeting the criteria of a measurable laboratory-grade reference cable.


Every high-quality bare conductor has the opportunity to become an excellent cable.  The issue is understanding what inhibits this from occurring; physics gave us the answer almost 200 years ago.  It wasn’t Edison or Tesla; the physicists Maxwell, Heaviside, Lorentz, and Hertz did the heavy lifting in the mathematical description.  

EnKlein engineers are unique in implementing this complex solution into a flexible, human-friendly form named a cable.  

We do not incorporate lavish adornments that damage your equipment, as metals and plastics embellishing a product can corrupt the signal.


The XerXes reference conductors are individually by hand in the USA. Individual cores and final bundles are inspected visually and by instrumentation at every process step. The bare silver lattices are encapsulated within PTFE for superior electronegativity. An outer film is applied to link free electrons and induced EMI to the noise dissipation network.  

XerXes construction techniques and materials differ between cable functions. For example, a phono cable transports tiny signals between a turntable and a phono stage. An interconnect in the standard +5V attenuating signal chain between the preamplifier and amplifier has different and unique functions.

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