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Very rare Acapella Sphäron Speakers


Acapella Sphäron Excalibur Speaker Wiring Harness Enhancement with XerXes

In the summer of 2020, my long-time friend and colleague Rick Brown of Hifi One called with a unique proposition. His customer and friend Jim had purchased one of two known pair of Acapella Audio Arts: Sphäron Excalibur speakers.  EnKlein had previously wired the Acapella Triolon system.

The question was: "Would there be a significant increase in performance by installing a custom wire loom between the drivers and crossovers?" 

These speakers are enormous, and they come in sections requiring skilled piano movers to assemble them. Hence, the wiring lengths are substantial. I had just finished the final pair of prototype pairs of XerXes interconnects, a promising design. After a short and detailed discussion with Rick and Jim, EnKlein agreed to fabricate a wiring harness for the Excalibur using the XerXes geometry and tech. 

There is much more to this system and room, as Jim is the initial owner of the HIFI ONE OTL amplifiers with the custom Ypsilon silver chokes. Through Rick's finalization of the OTL amplifiers, I fabricated a pair of umbilicals as a gift for the test phase. The elevation in performance alone encouraged a discussion to use EnKlein for the first ten units of the ultra-performance cost no-object monoblocks. 

A custom XerXes umbilical is also on the McCormack preamp to power supply feed.

This condensed version focuses on three unique XerXes cable transport technology implementations in a much larger venture, where Rick Brown was the cornerstone organizer of all involved.  

A complete loom of XerXes interconnects, speaker wires, and power is available through EnKlein Bespoke retailers as in Jim's primary system.

If you ask Rick, Jim, or Steve if EnKlein played a significant role in the system, you will get a resounding testament to our technology's viability.

Jims main system with $1M speakers and HIFI One components

Rick Brown  Video walk-through (15:30 timestamp)


Custom EnKlein cabling in the Acapella Sphäron and the Trilolon systems

The Audiophile Junkie music comparison of the Trilolon vs. Sphäron systems 

 The results are simply astounding. Invest in the best and elevate your music experience to new heights. Custom wired by EnKlein.

One man’s dream: the Acapella Sphäron Excalibur speakers system (a consideration)

“A consortium of industry professionals formed the nucleus of a team led by Steve McCormack of SMc Audio, Dave Kleinbeck of Enklein cables, Paul Wakeen of Stillpoints, and Mark Dohmann of Dohmann Audio, the Helix One Mkii turntable designer/installer.”


Publication: Dagogo

Date: May 2022

Author: Fred Crowder

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