ION high performance XLR interconnect

The ION Series

The engineering prowess of the ION series was not to reinvent; it was to create a practical implementation of a dielectric to perform work approaching Xerxes Reference levels. 

ETFE and Kapton are relatively inexpensive. However, they have significant electrical deficiencies in comparison to PTFE. The breakthrough was matching the geometry with the metallic bond attached to the noise reduction filter.  

The ION experience is created by hand, utilizing a skillful selection of premium materials and connectors. The resulting musical sound field, velocity, timbre, and imaging exceeded our expectations.

Just Listen.


ION is designed as a work horse for commercial & residential applications.  Therefore, form is circumspect to function.  Meaning performance comes before design.  

The Engineers and artists created an extremely flexible yet robust cabling system.  The perspective buyer can clearly see the connectors applied in this range are typically installed on cabling 4x the price.  

How can we do this? It’s rather simple design something that can be constructed rapidly and repeatedly.  The materials and build time is much less than SHT, however the performance is massive for the price point.


We always iterate cables are designed to perform very specific work.  That is true with the ION series as well.  The geometries used for each cable type descends in part directly from the XerXes family.  The main difference is not the quality of the shielding, it is the application itself. 

The ION is more flexible than the XerXes and except for the power cord, which comparable in malleability.   It is rack friendly!

Once again we sourced connectors that can survive the exothermic bond technique, and repetitive insertions demanded by commercial applications.

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